Custom Locking Pump Cabinet Tanks

Custom Locking Pump Cabinet Tanks

Custom Locking Pump Cabinet Tanks

We can manufacture nearly any pump cabinet or lock box to customer specification.


All lockboxes or pump cabinets are manufactured in house here at Hughes Tank Co. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility including CNC laser tables, and CNC hydraulic press brake the sky is the limit for your desire. We take the protection of your equipment in the field as a high priority and are more than happy to find the perfect cabinet to meet your needs. Some features may include options as:

  • ¬†Wide variety of security lock brackets
  • Ventilation ports
  • Tank mounted cabinets
  • Skid-mounted cabinets
  • Drain ports
  • Built-in leak prevention containments
  • Garage style doors or regular door pending customer request
  • Built-in pump platforms
  • Built-in card reading brackets
  • Hose reel platforms
  • Nozzle holders

Any other requirements are possible as long as it does not interfere with UL standards, Fire Marshal code, or the integrity of the product.

Lockable Pump Cabinet on Pipe Skid Tank

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