Fork Pocket Skid Tanks

Fork Pocket Skid Tanks

Fork Pocket Skid Tanks

All skids are manufactured here at Hughes Tank Co. with a quality guarantee.

We offer a few different options for our skids:

Custom UL / STI approved skids

  • Flush with the tank with or without fork pockets
  • Extended with pipe fronts and or rear drag pipes


All skids are manufactured in house giving us the ability to customize your skid in any way approved by UL standards including additional options such as:

  • Extended pipes skids for dragging (without being filled with the product) or transportation ease. Our 4” pipes are 1/4” material and capped with ¼” x 6” caps to ensure safety.
  • Fork pocket options are available on skids to your machine’s specs and fork dimensions. Fork pockets are slotted with heavier gauge material to prevent damage to the bottom of tanks.
  • Skids can also be designed to fit flush with the tank if needed.
  • Skids can also be further extended for pump platforms, hose reels and other plumbing needs the customer may require.

All skids are manufactured to UL and STI standards with a guarantee for quality assurance.

2,000 Gallon UL 142 Double Wall Fork Pocket Skid

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